The Happiness Of Hardwood Floors

The Happiness Of Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors never go out of style. They are the preference of many of a home owner and office and for good reason. They offer their own special ambiance and more and we’ll look at why people love them and why you should think of having them installed too.

First of all, let’s just face it, hardwood floors are cool. They look awesome even if you have rotten furniture. If you live in an apartment or house, hardwood floors make you look good as well. The mind somehow recognizes them as something dependable and pleasing and you won’t find too many people who will disagree. It doesn’t matter what you put on the floors your place looks awesome by default. It’s this simplicity that makes them the number one sought after flooring.

The hardwood floor, not only being attractive, is easy to clean. This is why people enjoy them over carpeting. Spills and boo boos are easily wiped up and won’t harm the finish. Scratches and scrapes can be easily mended and you don’t need expensive cleaners to keep them spotless and looking good. Just regular warm water and soap can do the job. A soft broom and a mop and you’re good to go. Even light weight vacuum cleaners can do the job.

In order to protect some of the hardwood flooring from furniture and foot traffic, throw rugs are a great accent to hardwood floors and even ugly throw rugs look cool covering such floors. Hardwood floors are so aesthetically pleasing that the only place you couldn’t put them is in a haunted house.

The hardwood floorThe floors last a long time too. We’re talking hundreds of years with proper maintenance. Many an historical estate still has the hardwood floors from the first day of their construction and have had the high and mighty walk and dance across them. It’s easy to see why installing hardwood floors explodes the home’s equity. Some hardwood floors once installed are worth more than some people’s entire homes.

If you’re environmentally or green oriented, the hardwood floors will provide you with that feeling of being one with nature. They also don’t gather the dander and dust that carpets do. Perfect for people with allergy problems or if you have young ones around.

When it comes to maintenance, you can refinish or replace the hardwood floors quite easily. That’s because you’ll be going to a company like Build America LLC to get the right job done. They’ll know how to get your hardwood floors installed correctly and how to fix any problems and especially how to keep the up to par when it comes to maintenance. It’s a company that has experience on their side with lots of happy customers who know the value of their craftsmanship and professionalism. It’s your hard earned dollar that really counts here and you want a company that understands this and brings you an ROI that you can be proud of. Build America LLC is the go to hardwood floors everything.

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The Pros And Cons Of High Ceiling

The Pros And Cons Of High CeilingHigh ceilings in homes have made a significant comeback in recent years. The reasons are multiple and we’ll look at the pros and cons of of having a home with high ceilings.

High ceilings used to to be the thing in Europe and early America. Usually wealthy homes could afford them and that trend carried over to the Americas. High ceilings were an aesthetic thing and people utilized the space with paintings an chandeliers and other overhead decorations. Nowadays the similar thought occurs but it may not be the preferred thing for the economically conscious homeowner.

Heating the home makes it difficult and expensive where high ceilings are concerned. Think f your rooms being twice the size they are with high ceilings so that if you would normally spend $100 per room to heat per winter you’ll spend $200 per room. If you can afford it, so be it, but if you’ve got a high mortgage and other expenses then it’s not a good idea.

The same goes for the hotter months. You’re using air conditioning at a double rate which means more electricity. Electricity can be expensive depending on your source. If you’re using solar panels then there’s nothing to worry about as the costs per kilowatt hour are considerably lower. That goes for the colder months too with heating. If you’re living off the grid, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for sure.

High ceilings may make your home feel more majestic or battle claustrophobia. If this is the case it’s a creature comfort that has a positive goal. Several studies indicate a home with high ceilings may well have psychological effects of a positive nature. It all depends on the person and their natural behavior and mindsets.

What are some pros and cons of high ceilings?If you’re an artist or musician a high ceiling can improve the sound of your playing or your stereo system and it’s definitely a platform for displaying as much art as you can. These are personal preferences that you’ll have to iron out with trial and error.

People who like to utilize the higher space may want to put elevated platforms like lofts that allow for segmented working or play or resting areas. The creative person may find new and innovative uses for a high ceiling and that can lead to a viral new use of the space that others may find entertaining and useful.

The bottom line is that high ceilings have either practical or entertaining or psychological impact. Architects will explain the benefits of high ceilings and real estate agents will too. The home builder who wants a high ceiling house should do some extra research regarding this option. One should look over all options but believe it or not, even if the ceiling is very high, you can later partition it off to turn the area into two floors. The sky’s the limit here so let yourself simmer on the issue before taking the plunge.

Picking a company like Build America LLC will get you on the right track regarding high ceiling designs and building. They’re pros and know how to guide the new home builder to the right path.

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There’s No End To A Hurricane Cleanup Scam

Beware of scammersIf it isn’t bad enough that millions of people have been suffering from the rash of hurricanes, there is also a rise in the unscrupulous scammers who are taking advantage of an honest home builder.

Opportunity Knocks

When people are the target of a disaster, they can be in such a desperate state of affairs that they cannot make the right decisions. Terror and disorientation can set in and instead of making the right choices, they make all sorts of wrong ones. The mere shock of seeing one’s home devastated and one’s family and friends in dire straits is prime fodder for a criminal company to show up and offer all kinds of help when in truth they’re out for t scamming as much money as they can.

First of all, the home builder may have lost everything and needs to start from the ground floor up. It may be that they have just lost 50% of their home and can rebuild from that. It varies and is a case by case basis. This is where scammers come in. They’ll look for the most desperate victim they can find. Knowing people can’t get to banks or have insurance checks on the way, they’ll scout and plan and just when the homeowner suspects it least, they strike.

There are all sorts of tricks that these fake contractors use. They’re just like predators who plot and plan and wait to pounce. Often, it’s your own behavior after a disaster that attracts them. Due to social media, scammers can read posts and tweets to find out who is in distress and who isn’t. They follow around and look for data that pertains to their particular area. If you’re posting in your hometown’s Facebook page about how your roof and garage are destroyed, you’ve just let everyone know your status. Criminals see this and start their evil plan.

They will show up claiming they can do this or that and for such an amount of money. They will say because of the devastation they can’t do contracts or show proper credentials. This is where the alarm bells should be going off in your head because even if there’s been a disaster, contractors are required to abide by the law. That’s why we have law, to make sure we behave no matter what the state of our possessions and self are.

Get The Credentials

When a contractor comes along after a hurricane or tornado or flooding, make sure you get their credentials. They may make all kind of claims that their office is flooded too or have had this problem or that. You can outsmart them if your cell phone still works. Hit the web and look for their website and state credentials. They shouldn’t have disappeared just because of a disaster. That’s why the internet was engineered for, surviving catastrophic events. You should be able to find verifiable data on the contractor and if not, give them the heave-ho.

So remember, there are real honest and credentialed pros out there that know what it’s like to have one’s back against the wall. Build America LLC is the kind of company you can count on. They’ll walk you through the process of rebuilding and do so at an affordable price. Don’t risk your future after your past has been destroyed get a hold of Build America LLC now.

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Bathroom Remodeling Calls For Common Sense & Adventure

Bathroom Remodeling Calls For Common Sense & AdventureThe bathroom takes a lot of punishment on a 24/7 basis. Extremes in temperature and moisture, chemicals from cleaning, and general overall use can take a toll on the bathroom. That being said, bathroom renovation is something that will have to be done sooner or later. It doesn’t have to be a drag though. Careful planning and expert advice can bring about a bathroom that is not only functional and safe but also pretty to look at and worthy of celebrating

Planning Is First

Before you do any bathroom remodeling, it calls for planning. A bathroom that is inefficiently designed and worked on can cause water damage to occur and remedying that can cost a ton of money. Look at what needs to be done first and how to go about it. Should flooring be needed, how will putting in the new flooring affect the rest of the facilities? Will you be using another material for the floor than what’s there presently? Sure you can do the flooring yourself, but should you really call in an expert? These questions you’ll have to answer honestly. Although it could save you money to DIY, just one mistake could cause chaos and you’ll end up spending more on repairing what you’ve done than had you hired a pro in the first place.

Heavy Duty Duties

If in your bathroom renovation project you need some plumbing done, be realistic regarding whether you should do it yourself. Will you need to replace the toilet is a big issue? If so, then get a pro to advise or do the job. The shower is equally in need of attention on this level. If you do have the skills, then do so. If not, don’t take chances.

Sales And Quality

Bathroom remodeling can cost a good penny if you don’t watch out. The real attractive materials such as flooring and fixtures might be too much for your budget but then again, some sharp shopping could cut those costs drastically. Don’t go for the cheap. Cheap products fall apart too soon and it means you’ll be spending twice as much had you bought the quality products that cost more. Cheap products can lead to water damage or mold. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Get online and do some shopping or ask your local hardware store for any bonuses and sales. There are many remodeling companies that have websites where they offer discounts on top brand name products. If you don’t know how to shop, it’s a good idea to consult one.

Build America LLC is the kind of company you’ll want to consult. Their list of products and services are top-notch and their staff is highly trained. Known for such quality and customer service, they’ll stick with you from beginning to end. You’ll not only save money but get an education too.

So don’t let bathroom renovation scare you. Just ask the professionals at Build America LLC and you’ll rest easy knowing your home will be the comfort zone you’re looking for.

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Kitchen Remodeling And Bathroom Remodeling Pluses

Kitchen Remodeling And Bathroom Remodeling Pluses

The kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that get the most wear and tear in a home. This calls for more focus on maintenance and care. After a few years, it may call for some remodeling and the benefits of remodeling are all pluses.

Today’s Benefits

Since your home is probably your biggest lifetime investment keeping it up means some prevention and remedy. The more you put into your home’s appearance and function, the more equity the property gains. Sometimes a wee bit of paint can protect walls and furnishings, increasing their ability to be maintained and making the home more appealing and raises your home’s value.

People who visit your home will definitely visit your bathroom. A bathroom well laid out and pretty will invoke praise and comparison. Others will want to follow your lead in choices of appliances and materials and design. These two rooms are reliant on function fist, but enhancing the functions with attractive materials and design make them all the more favorable to use and show off.

What To Do

When you engage in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, hire a professional if you’re not skilled. In many cases, you can do a great job on your own. Where it comes to electrical and plumbing issues, only use a professional. That’s just plain common sense and safety. Don’t go for cheap because the rigors of use of these rooms can do a job on cheap paint and materials to the point that you’ll end up spending more in repairs than remodeling.

Get new fixtures that are built to last. Floors depend on what you’re able to handle. If you have seniors or small children you’ll want flooring that is safe to walk on and easy to clean. Take also into consideration pets. Some people allow pets in their kitchens and bathrooms and pets can do damage via their claws or dropped food or fur and hair that can get into those nooks and crannies.

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Paint should be the best. Easy to clean but able to take the extremes in temperatures and moisture the bathroom and kitchen use can generate. Water is one of the worst enemies of a home if it gets into areas that can compromise the structure.

Make It Pretty

Yes, even you he-men out there need to realize that your kitchen and bathrooms have to be attractive. It may clash with your machismo, but in the short and long term, it will be a boost in the equity in your home which you shouldn’t sneeze at. We’re not talking Liberace ornate, something that can be subdued yet attractive at the same time. Get someone whose aesthetics you trust and let them do the choices in paints and cabinets and so on.

Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project Finally

Final word is to emphasize that remodeling is a double barreled process. Function and aesthetics have to be balanced. Remember, people will definitely judge you regarding your kitchen and bathrooms. Make them the kind of places that people will feel comfortable in and will give you years of use.

New Modern House in St Petersburg Beach (Continue)

Build America LLC continue working on building a new two story house in St Petersburg Beach FL.

The original house was built in 1950s and was one story ranch home. The owners wanted to do extensive remodel to the home the turn into a modern design. However the value of the remodel exceeded the 50% fema rule.

The home sits on the water in St Pete Beach.

The new house is a modern style building with to split garages. The hose has large breezeway spacious 2600 square feet living space with two large balconies facing north and east and another one facing west. House features large windows and sliding doors with plenty of light.
The living areas are splitting three cubes with 10ft ceiling 16 foot ceiling 8 foot ceiling. The living area offers a large open concept living with kitchen as a centerpiece.
Master bedroom has a large walk-in closets and a large master bathroom with freestanding tub and large shower area.




Building a New House in St Pete Beach

Build America LLC is working on building a new two story house in St Petersburg Beach FL.

The original house build in 1950 was demolished and a beautiful two story house with 16 ft ceilings is being built.

This is the modern style home  with water views of the Gulf and the Bay located in St. Petersburg Beach FL.

Build America LLC Project: Building a New Home in St Pete Beach
Build America LLC Project: Building a New Home in St Pete Beach
Build America LLC Project: Building a New Home in St Pete Beach
Build America LLC Project: Building a New Home in St Pete Beach

Sinkhole Problems For The Home Builder

Sinkhole Problems For The Home BuilderRecent news has spotlighted monstrous sinkholes swallowing up homes like a frog at a fly festival. It’s frightening to watch as huge sinkholes form out of nowhere and gobble up properties and take lives. Next to fire and flooding, it’s the scariest thing to happen to a home owner or home builder.

Sinkholes form when the ground underneath becomes soft and liquid and a vacuum created due to water. They can happen anywhere where there are soil and sand and especially lime deposits. They can also be caused by earthquakes. When a sinkhole forms it may do so slowly or rapidly and the rapidity of one is why people lose lives. They’re unsuspecting of such an event and then aren’t even prepared for what to do when one occurs. Sinkholes can be small enough to compromise the safety of a property for good or they can spread to encompass several properties and damaged infrastructure of the municipality breaking pipes and electrical lines.

The new home builder has to look for sinkhole activity before even planning to build. Unfortunately, the only way to predict if a sinkhole is there or will form is still luck. You can use some science via regional offices in your municipality or state and government resources that are designed not only to predict where sinkholes might form but also where they exist and are repaired. In areas where sinkholes are known to occur, detecting them is essential and knowing if you can rebind from one is important too. No one would build a home in an area where a sinkhole formed and then filled in. There are certain factors within a specific area that may contribute more to the forming of a sinkhole but that doesn’t mean one will form or that it’s more likely to form than in other areas. It’s sometimes a hit and miss situation but following the science improves your chances of not having one form under a property you own or intend to build.

Fortunately, there is some insurance for home builders regarding sinkholes. It’s better to have it than not because if a devastating sinkhole occurs you may not only lose your home but all your belongs. Due to the nature of a sinkhole, you may find yours belongs irretrievable once they’ve been consumed.

All is not lost, however, as there are construction methods to minimize the sinkhole’s impact on your property. If detected early they may be stopped in the process or if not, an evacuation thus saving what can be saved is done.

You may have to do some ground inspections of your own regarding sinkholes. Your building contractor will know what to look for and take no one’s word as solid proof of safety. Let the science do the work via the professionals and services available.
Overall, sinkholes are no joke. Nothing to be played with nor ignored. Since they can happen anytime in vulnerable areas like in Florida where they’re common, one has to be on one’s toes from the first sign of one forming and to determine where one might form.

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Home Remodeling The Master Bedroom And More

Home Remodeling The Master Bedroom And MoreA man’s home is his castle, the old saying goes, and with the master bedroom, it’s his throne room. Designing and remodeling the master bedroom can result in greater comfort and a rise in equity for the home altogether. Hiring a professional home remodeling company comes in handy here.

Don’t try to do home remodeling on your own if you’re not professionals. Professionals know what materials will work, they know the safety issues, and they know how affordable the process should be. This doesn’t mean you sit on the sidelines and give them carte blanche, not at all. You should be working with your home remodeling pro as a team. You know what you like, and they’ll know what can, can’t, and should be done. Communicating at the beginning of the project will save a ton of misery and woe down the road.
Let’s say you want to add a room or a closet, new picture window or even a hot tub/Jacuzzi. You can sketch out what you want and let the home remodeling pro look it over. They’ll know via blueprint specs where you can and can’t place these items. It will be a case of giving and take and don’t be antagonistic along the way. It will only cost you extra time and money and frustration for the both of you.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you can do with your remodeled master bedroom, it is now time to see what you can get away with regarding your budget. The home remodeling pro will work within your budget as close as they can. You’ll need to ask for any discounts that they may not tell you up front. Also, if you can get a friend to refer you, you and they might get a bonus. It never hurts to ask. If you’ve any remodeling skills you might want to start the project after professional consultation and stop where your skills do. You’re saving regarding labor but you’ll have to pass muster with the company you hire who will look over your work and either approve it or have to undo what you’ve done.

All this applies not only to your master bedroom but to any other area of the home calling for remodeling. Bathrooms and kitchens are tricky as you’ve got to have professionals do the scary work. Knowing where electrical and gas pipes and wires are is the primary safety point. Making sure the floors can support whatever you want to put on them. Talk to the architect who designed your home if possible. Having recorded for repair and construction will help any home remodeling company. The bottom line is that whatever you achieve via home remodeling should make you happy and raise the value of your home. On the day you choose to sell your home, you should see the ROI from your home remodeling efforts.

Home remodeling is both an art and science. Always stick to your integrity and be sensible and the experience should be highly rewarding.

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Acclimating To Your New Florida Home

Acclimating To Your New Florida HomeFlorida is known as the “Sunshine State” and living there is what many people dream of.  It’s an attractive state, surrounded by ocean, crowned with beaches, amusement parks, golfing, and affordable housing.  Having new Florida home calls for understanding what you’ll be up against so you can prepare.

The Hazards

Florida’s number one danger for new homeowners and builders is the weather. Florida has scorching sun and heat.  It’s also got tons of rain and moisture.  Wind storms that range from tornadoes to hurricanes, and muggy fog that can choke a horse. Building a new home in Florida means weather protection from roof to the basement if you have a basement.  Many Florida homes are elevated to flooding.  Your new home should have the latest in protections including roofing and outdoor paint, windows, and doors. If you’ve shorn up your new home with the materials of the day, then your next hazard is what you’ll need to protect against wildlife.  Florida is like “Jurassic Park”.  It’s got insects and reptiles and mammals that can destroy a home in no time.  Depending on which area your new Florida home is in, it will have its own local wildlife problems.

Wildlife Problems with A New Florida Home

Your first line of defense isn’t against the big animals like bears and pumas and alligators.  No, you worst wildlife enemy in Florida will be insects.  From ants to termites to wasps, Florida’s climate is the age of the dinosaurs weather.  Bugs love it, and especially a fat, juicy house with all the food bugs could want.  Unfortunately, the food humans eat is just some items on the insect menu, the real dangers are the insects that eat up housing materials or compromise them.  Florida has wildlife experts and exterminators who are the toughest in the country.  The only thing they don’t fight is freezing weather.  Before you build or before you buy, get the latest info on insects in the area.  Build or modify your home to prevent invasion and if it does occur, the new home should be easy for an expert exterminator to get at the problem sites and save your home.

Regular Inspections Are a Must

Florida is such a tough environment on a home that more than average inspections by yourself and specific professionals are required.  The reason being is that just one area compromised can develop into an expensive disaster.  Take the occasional time to give your new home a once over and anything out of the ordinary report it to a professional.  That means if you’re looking over your roof and sees a missing tile or tiny hole; you need to call a roofing expert fast.  If windows or doors are ajar, get them fixed immediately.  You might be one of the new homeowners converting to solar.  This means extra time and inspection inside and outside of the home.  Never procrastinate in this responsibility or you could find yourself at your insurance company’s mercy.


Florida is an awesome state that affords many benefits for the new home owner.  Don’t let its glamor overshadow your responsibilities as a homeowner because Florida will make you work for your equity.

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