tub for a bathroom remodel

Choosing the Right Tub for Your Bathroom Remodel

Not every bathroom has a tub and your first bathroom remodeling decision will be whether to keep it in yours or use the space the way you need it. If you decide that you love having a tub in your bathroom and decide to include one in your new space, you have many options to choose from. Each one has different pros and cons and will reflect a slightly different style. The one recommendation we give all homeowners starting a bathroom remodel with us is to keep at least one tub in their home for future resale.

Decision 1: Whirlpool or Not

For a long time, a whirlpool or jacuzzi tub was a must have in the master bath. Nearly all new builds and remodels included one. Today, this is more of a 50/50 split of whether to include this option. A few things to consider are that there is an increased expense if you’re adding one where it hasn’t been previously for the electric. They’re more expensive than a standard tub of comparable size. And, perhaps most importantly, if you don’t plan on using it frequently or don’t clean it properly, you’re going to end up with mold growing inside the blower unit.

Decision 2: Size

Do you enjoy taking a long soak submerged up to your neck? Are you looking to be able to relax with your partner? How much space do you want to dedicate to the tub? These questions will contribute to your ideal tub.

Decision 3: Built-In or Freestanding

If you love the look of a claw-foot tub you probably want a freestanding tub. These now come in just about every style from traditional to modern and many sizes. The one thing to keep in mind is that even though they’re typically smaller than a built in, they still require a fair amount of space because they have space around the entire tub. For the most part, built-ins are less expensive so if you don’t want to use a significant part of your budget to your tub, keep this in mind.

Other Considerations

You may think you want a certain size or shape, but there are a few other things to consider. First, depending on your home’s construction, you may need reinforced flooring for a large tub. A jacuzzi tub full of water and two people can weigh more than 1500 pounds! If your flooring can support the weight, you’re going to end up with issues. You also want to look at where the faucets will be located. With freestanding tubs, sometimes the faucet comes up the side of the tub while other times it’s intended to be a wall mount which may increase your plumbing costs.

No matter what you’re looking for in your bathroom remodel, Build America is ready to help. We can provide a simple remodel where we leave the elements in place or reconfigure to better utilize your space. And, if you’re looking to add on to your home, as a builder, we’re the perfect company to help. Call us today at (727) 776-9023 to schedule your consultation.

Take Your Bathroom Remodel to the Next Level

As an experienced bathroom remodeler, we know you want a space that you love for years to come. We’ve put together some tips for you to give you some ideas about your new space. Bathroom remodeling entails more than just choosing a new countertop, tile and vanity. You should want the new space to feel like a modern oasis, relaxing spa or functional modern space. No matter which direction you want to go, here are some ideas to take your space to the next level.

Remake Your Shower

If you have (or want) a stand-alone shower, there are many more options that just the half wall of tile with glass on top. In fact, many homeowners choose to have no glass at all by creating a walk through or walk-in shower. With the hard water in Tampa, this is a popular option because when you eliminate the glass door, you eliminate the hard water stains.

Of course, a shower is more than how it looks, you want to enjoy it. Consider multiple showerheads, either for you and your spouse or a wall and ceiling shower. Another option many homeowners love are shower jets positioned throughout the shower for a massaging spray when you need it.

Modern Features

Smart homes are all the rage and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Why not bring smart technology into your bathroom. Here are some ideas to discuss with your bathroom remodeler or builder:

  • Fans and lights on timers and motion sensors
  • Outlet and support for a television
  • Bluetooth wall or ceiling speakers for streaming music
  • USB outlets
  • Heated floors
  • Undercabinet lighting

Make Your Tile a Feature

You don’t have to have your bathroom remodeler lay your tile in straight lines or use all the same tile. Look at some of the more creative ways to make your tile a décor feature. For example, consider a herringbone pattern on the floor or walls. Mix the same tile style in different colors for a creative look. Have you thought about using tile for your backsplash or even to frame a mirror? There are so many options for tile today that you can do just about anything with it.

Build America is more than just a bathroom remodeler. We’re a complete design-build company ready to help you create a space you truly love that works for you and your family. Whether you need a bathroom addition or want to remodel your master bath, we’re here to help. Call us to schedule your free consultation – (727) 776-9023.

home remodel with the right lighting in kitchen

Lighting Throughout Your Home

Although we may associate the purpose of lighting in our homes as what helps us see, it also does much more. Think about an intimate dinner in your dining room, you might choose to dim the chandelier and light some candles to set the mood. On your stairs, you may want downlights to provide safety. Throughout our homes, lighting has purpose, but you also want it to compliment your style. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting in your home remodel.


One of the most popular rooms tackled in a home remodel is the kitchen. Chances are good you’re looking to get rid of the florescent tube lighting your builder likely installed. Most homeowners choose recessed can lighting as their primary light source. If you have an island or peninsula countertop with seating, you might want to consider pendant lights as well.

Other options that should be considered are cabinet lighting above the upper cabinets or below the upper and lower cabinets. Light under the upper cabinets can fill in dark work area while lighting below the lower cabinets makes for a soft glow. Lighting above your upper cabinets can make the ceiling appear higher or highlight décor on your cabinets.


For smaller bathrooms, the lights above the vanity are sufficient light. However, in a master bathroom or larger secondary bath, you should consider fill light. Like the kitchen, recessed can lighting is a great option. However, if you have a separate toilet area, consider a wall sconce. If you want the look of a fancy spa, consider adding a chandelier from the ceiling with a dimmer. It’s not only a great way to add a personal touch of style in your bathroom, but it’s also a wonderful light for relaxing in your large soaking tub.

Whole Home Remodel or Custom Build

If you’re starting from scratch with a whole home remodel or custom build, don’t overlook the lighting in your entry ways and hallways. You want your entry lighting to provide a welcoming light for friends. Depending on the height of your ceiling you may want a chandelier or if your ceilings are lower, consider wall sconces.

With so many LED lighting options today, adding downlights in hallways and on stairs is an affordable and smart option for homeowners. Some options are always on while others are turned off when other lights are on. They can be as small as an outlet but because LED lighting is brighter than other lighting, you’ll get plenty of light from them. For primary lights, consider sconces or recessed lighting.

Build America is ready to help you design and build your custom home or assist with a whole home remodel. Because we’re a design/build company we won’t miss any details and will help you create your dream home with just the right lighting. Call (727) 776-9023 today for your free initial consultation.

Design/build company creates beautiful backsplashes

Choosing the Perfect Backsplash

Although we often think of our backsplash as something in the kitchen, most bathrooms also have a backsplash. If you’re ready to work with a design/build company on a new home or kitchen or bathroom remodel, you’ll want to put some thought into your backsplash design as it will tie the elements of your space together.

Bathroom Backsplashes

You have a lot of options when it comes to your backsplash. You can stick with the traditional option of about a 4” piece of your granite or quartz countertop, or you can opt for a more modern approach. One unique option is to use a complimentary or coordinating tile to the ceiling. If you have a plain mirror, the tile can install right up to the edge of the mirror creating a frame. This will increase your budget as the time to install and the materials are more than using granite or quartz. Of course, if you want to use tile, but not to that extent, add tile the four inches above your countertop like you would have added the countertop material.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Depending on the style kitchen and your countertop material and pattern, you can choose from many options other than the traditional tile and natural stone. Here are some ideas to talk to your design/build company about that can make your backsplash functional and fun.

  • Mosiac – If your decorating style lends itself to something creative on your walls, consider a mosaic tile or glass. Depending on what you are looking for and the skill of your tile installer, they may have something pre-designed or be able to do a custom design for you.
  • Wood – For kitchens where the sink is in the island and doesn’t require a backsplash that’s water resistant, consider wood. Bead-board, tongue-and-groove, reclaimed wood, and shiplap are all great options to install from the lower cabinets to the upper ones. Depending on the style of your kitchen and color, one of these may be better than another.
  • Metal – Copper and aluminum are two of the most popular options. Some come pre-stamped in decorative patterns and work well in modern and industrial kitchens.
  • Faux brick – Brick manufacturers now make thin brick for indoor décor. This is a great addition to a rustic or farmhouse style kitchen.
  • Polished glass – This easy to keep clean and grout-less option is beautiful in modern and contemporary kitchens.

Design/Build Company Benefits

One of the benefits over working with a design/build company for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is their design skills. Although Build America LLC is a general contractor serving the greater Tampa Bay area, they have a team of experienced designers ready to help you throughout the process. Call us today at (727) 776-9023 to learn more about our services and schedule your initial consultation.

Bathroom Remodeling Calls For Common Sense & Adventure

Bathroom Remodeling Calls For Common Sense & AdventureThe bathroom takes a lot of punishment on a 24/7 basis. Extremes in temperature and moisture, chemicals from cleaning, and general overall use can take a toll on the bathroom. That being said, bathroom renovation is something that will have to be done sooner or later. It doesn’t have to be a drag though. Careful planning and expert advice can bring about a bathroom that is not only functional and safe but also pretty to look at and worthy of celebrating

Planning Is First

Before you do any bathroom remodeling, it calls for planning. A bathroom that is inefficiently designed and worked on can cause water damage to occur and remedying that can cost a ton of money. Look at what needs to be done first and how to go about it. Should flooring be needed, how will putting in the new flooring affect the rest of the facilities? Will you be using another material for the floor than what’s there presently? Sure you can do the flooring yourself, but should you really call in an expert? These questions you’ll have to answer honestly. Although it could save you money to DIY, just one mistake could cause chaos and you’ll end up spending more on repairing what you’ve done than had you hired a pro in the first place.

Heavy Duty Duties

If in your bathroom renovation project you need some plumbing done, be realistic regarding whether you should do it yourself. Will you need to replace the toilet is a big issue? If so, then get a pro to advise or do the job. The shower is equally in need of attention on this level. If you do have the skills, then do so. If not, don’t take chances.

Sales And Quality

Bathroom remodeling can cost a good penny if you don’t watch out. The real attractive materials such as flooring and fixtures might be too much for your budget but then again, some sharp shopping could cut those costs drastically. Don’t go for the cheap. Cheap products fall apart too soon and it means you’ll be spending twice as much had you bought the quality products that cost more. Cheap products can lead to water damage or mold. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Get online and do some shopping or ask your local hardware store for any bonuses and sales. There are many remodeling companies that have websites where they offer discounts on top brand name products. If you don’t know how to shop, it’s a good idea to consult one.

Build America LLC is the kind of company you’ll want to consult. Their list of products and services are top-notch and their staff is highly trained. Known for such quality and customer service, they’ll stick with you from beginning to end. You’ll not only save money but get an education too.

So don’t let bathroom renovation scare you. Just ask the professionals at Build America LLC and you’ll rest easy knowing your home will be the comfort zone you’re looking for.

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Kitchen Remodeling And Bathroom Remodeling Pluses

Kitchen Remodeling And Bathroom Remodeling Pluses

The kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that get the most wear and tear in a home. This calls for more focus on maintenance and care. After a few years, it may call for some remodeling and the benefits of remodeling are all pluses.

Today’s Benefits

Since your home is probably your biggest lifetime investment keeping it up means some prevention and remedy. The more you put into your home’s appearance and function, the more equity the property gains. Sometimes a wee bit of paint can protect walls and furnishings, increasing their ability to be maintained and making the home more appealing and raises your home’s value.

People who visit your home will definitely visit your bathroom. A bathroom well laid out and pretty will invoke praise and comparison. Others will want to follow your lead in choices of appliances and materials and design. These two rooms are reliant on function fist, but enhancing the functions with attractive materials and design make them all the more favorable to use and show off.

What To Do

When you engage in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, hire a professional if you’re not skilled. In many cases, you can do a great job on your own. Where it comes to electrical and plumbing issues, only use a professional. That’s just plain common sense and safety. Don’t go for cheap because the rigors of use of these rooms can do a job on cheap paint and materials to the point that you’ll end up spending more in repairs than remodeling.

Get new fixtures that are built to last. Floors depend on what you’re able to handle. If you have seniors or small children you’ll want flooring that is safe to walk on and easy to clean. Take also into consideration pets. Some people allow pets in their kitchens and bathrooms and pets can do damage via their claws or dropped food or fur and hair that can get into those nooks and crannies.

Kitchen Remodeling Services Picture Credit: Films42

Paint should be the best. Easy to clean but able to take the extremes in temperatures and moisture the bathroom and kitchen use can generate. Water is one of the worst enemies of a home if it gets into areas that can compromise the structure.

Make It Pretty

Yes, even you he-men out there need to realize that your kitchen and bathrooms have to be attractive. It may clash with your machismo, but in the short and long term, it will be a boost in the equity in your home which you shouldn’t sneeze at. We’re not talking Liberace ornate, something that can be subdued yet attractive at the same time. Get someone whose aesthetics you trust and let them do the choices in paints and cabinets and so on.

Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project Finally

Final word is to emphasize that remodeling is a double barreled process. Function and aesthetics have to be balanced. Remember, people will definitely judge you regarding your kitchen and bathrooms. Make them the kind of places that people will feel comfortable in and will give you years of use.

Home Remodeling The Master Bedroom And More

Home Remodeling The Master Bedroom And MoreA man’s home is his castle, the old saying goes, and with the master bedroom, it’s his throne room. Designing and remodeling the master bedroom can result in greater comfort and a rise in equity for the home altogether. Hiring a professional home remodeling company comes in handy here.

Don’t try to do home remodeling on your own if you’re not professionals. Professionals know what materials will work, they know the safety issues, and they know how affordable the process should be. This doesn’t mean you sit on the sidelines and give them carte blanche, not at all. You should be working with your home remodeling pro as a team. You know what you like, and they’ll know what can, can’t, and should be done. Communicating at the beginning of the project will save a ton of misery and woe down the road.
Let’s say you want to add a room or a closet, new picture window or even a hot tub/Jacuzzi. You can sketch out what you want and let the home remodeling pro look it over. They’ll know via blueprint specs where you can and can’t place these items. It will be a case of giving and take and don’t be antagonistic along the way. It will only cost you extra time and money and frustration for the both of you.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you can do with your remodeled master bedroom, it is now time to see what you can get away with regarding your budget. The home remodeling pro will work within your budget as close as they can. You’ll need to ask for any discounts that they may not tell you up front. Also, if you can get a friend to refer you, you and they might get a bonus. It never hurts to ask. If you’ve any remodeling skills you might want to start the project after professional consultation and stop where your skills do. You’re saving regarding labor but you’ll have to pass muster with the company you hire who will look over your work and either approve it or have to undo what you’ve done.

All this applies not only to your master bedroom but to any other area of the home calling for remodeling. Bathrooms and kitchens are tricky as you’ve got to have professionals do the scary work. Knowing where electrical and gas pipes and wires are is the primary safety point. Making sure the floors can support whatever you want to put on them. Talk to the architect who designed your home if possible. Having recorded for repair and construction will help any home remodeling company. The bottom line is that whatever you achieve via home remodeling should make you happy and raise the value of your home. On the day you choose to sell your home, you should see the ROI from your home remodeling efforts.

Home remodeling is both an art and science. Always stick to your integrity and be sensible and the experience should be highly rewarding.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project

This master bathroom was very old so the owners wanted to spice it up and add a freestanding tub in addition to the existing shower. We were able to achieve this goal by taking part of a previous linen closet and using the space for the new tub. The top of the bathtub was put against a window with a shelf and a nice and relaxing view to the outside. The shelf is a nice gray granite and matches the new his and her countertops as well as the standup shower.

The two new faucets are rounded and have two separate oval mirrors with white frames matching the décor of the room. The standup shower has the same sort of gray tiling as the rest of the bathroom and it has a marble floor with a little bench as well. The door is all glass and very stylish and modern. Overall, the bathroom is almost a complete makeover from the previous version. This is one of many bathrooms that Build America LLC has worked on and is currently working on and as is usually the case, we were left with a couple of very happy clients. Reach out today to learn more about what we can do for your own remodeling and renovation projects!

Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project
Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project

Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project

Master Bathroom Remodeling and Design Project



The Donato Dr. Belleair Beach Project

Remodeling / Renocation project in Clearwater FL - The Donato Dr. Belleair Beach Project

The Donato Dr. Belleair beach project was an interior and exterior remodeling project of a 4000 square foot house with three stories including a master suite on the third floor. The house was built in the late eighties and was in very bad shape when we started. No one had made updates to the house since it was built, so this project required a multi-tier approach with interior and exterior aspects of the house being remodeled separately.

For the exterior, the original stock was in bad shape and had started cracking and falling apart. To repair it, we remove damaged parts of the stock and hand-painted the whole house again. The dock was also in very bad shape, so we replaced all of the planks and rebuild a brand new sea wall which was about 60 feet long.

The pool was left in a very bad shape as well and was worked on. The deck around the pool was remodeled with French pattern travertine. Pavers were installed on the second-floor balconies and all of the handrails were replaced with new ones. There were existing pavers on the driveway which were refurbished, repaired, and sealed again- this had a great effect, essentially bringing them back to life as if they were brand new. This approach allowed us to save the owners a lot of money by keeping the same pavers and just making repairs where they were needed.

The front door was stripped down, resealed, and stained again to match the new design. Once again we were able to save the door, which was worth close to $10,000 and we did so by bringing it back to life at very little expense. All other exterior doors and interior doors were refurbished as well.

For the interior of the house, there was much to do as well. The before the state did not match the style of the house and it looked very old and dark with columns and stucco walls that looked beyond their time. The goal of the owners was to turn this house into a beach house and so they wanted to brighten it up and bring in some light.

Starting with the kitchen, we installed white Shaker cabinets with Cambria quartz countertops and an Anne Rice upscale backsplash. White Oak hardwood wide plank floors were installed in all the living areas, bedrooms, hallways, and kitchen. The stairs were redesigned with white oak treads to match the new hardwood floors.

All of the walls were skimmed with a smooth finish and we installed chrome moldings in all living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  Bathrooms were redesigned with a simple, yet sophisticated look. White subway tiles were put in the showers and hexagon white tiles were put on the floors.

The fireplace and entertainment center were completely redesigned as well to be more modern and a new gas fireplace was installed to replace the old electric one. We also installed a coffered ceiling in the media and dining rooms.

Finally, the windows were made to be hurricane proof using tinted film that helps conserve energy and reinforces them.

Overall, the remodeling project was a great success and the beach house looks much more in its time.

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