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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Flooring

Whether you’re building a custom home or remodeling all or part of your home, you’ll need flooring. The options use to be simple, carpet, tile or laminate. Now the options are virtually limitless. As a design-build company, we want to help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of flooring no matter where you need it in your home.

Hardwood and Engineered Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is often the most expensive option for new flooring. Depending on the type of wood, size of the boards, installation pattern, and finish you’re looking for, it can cost as much as $10 per square foot installed. Exotic hardwoods can go for even more! However, you can keep costs down by choosing a common wood and straight lay installation. Hardwood tends to increase the value of a home at resale over engineered wood. Of course, wood and water don’t do so well together so it’s not a great idea for your bathroom. Engineered wood can cost less and if you choose a quality material, it will look good and may be able to be refinished once or twice.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

If you’re looking at flooring for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, you should consider tile. Keep in mind that although both types of tile can handle water, if you’re looking to keep your tile the same on your shower walls as your flooring, you should only consider porcelain tile because it stands up to water better. Porcelain is also a stronger tile and has the color through the entire tile making a chip less visible in the event it’s damaged. There are many styles and colors in a wide price range, however, just like wood flooring, the more complicated the installation pattern, the more expensive the installation cost. Also, large format tiles are more expensive to install.

Resilient Flooring

Years ago, resilient flooring meant laminate. It wasn’t especially attractive and it’ didn’t last very long. Today’s luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can look like real tile or real wood at a fraction of the cost. One of the most common reasons people choose LVT is when they want the look of wood flooring in a bathroom or kitchen. Modern printing techniques make LVT look great without the fear of water damage.

So, what is the best flooring for your home? Your design-build company can help you make the decision based on your budget, family and neighborhood. It’s best to choose flooring that is similar what other homes in the area have, especially if you plan on selling before your next remodel.

The team at Build America is ready to help you plan your remodel or help you build your custom home. We have countless flooring options and are ready to help you with your needs. Call us today at (727) 776-9023.

The Happiness Of Hardwood Floors

The Happiness Of Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors never go out of style. They are the preference of many of a home owner and office and for good reason. They offer their own special ambiance and more and we’ll look at why people love them and why you should think of having them installed too.

First of all, let’s just face it, hardwood floors are cool. They look awesome even if you have rotten furniture. If you live in an apartment or house, hardwood floors make you look good as well. The mind somehow recognizes them as something dependable and pleasing and you won’t find too many people who will disagree. It doesn’t matter what you put on the floors your place looks awesome by default. It’s this simplicity that makes them the number one sought after flooring.

The hardwood floor, not only being attractive, is easy to clean. This is why people enjoy them over carpeting. Spills and boo boos are easily wiped up and won’t harm the finish. Scratches and scrapes can be easily mended and you don’t need expensive cleaners to keep them spotless and looking good. Just regular warm water and soap can do the job. A soft broom and a mop and you’re good to go. Even light weight vacuum cleaners can do the job.

In order to protect some of the hardwood flooring from furniture and foot traffic, throw rugs are a great accent to hardwood floors and even ugly throw rugs look cool covering such floors. Hardwood floors are so aesthetically pleasing that the only place you couldn’t put them is in a haunted house.

The hardwood floorThe floors last a long time too. We’re talking hundreds of years with proper maintenance. Many an historical estate still has the hardwood floors from the first day of their construction and have had the high and mighty walk and dance across them. It’s easy to see why installing hardwood floors explodes the home’s equity. Some hardwood floors once installed are worth more than some people’s entire homes.

If you’re environmentally or green oriented, the hardwood floors will provide you with that feeling of being one with nature. They also don’t gather the dander and dust that carpets do. Perfect for people with allergy problems or if you have young ones around.

When it comes to maintenance, you can refinish or replace the hardwood floors quite easily. That’s because you’ll be going to a company like Build America LLC to get the right job done. They’ll know how to get your hardwood floors installed correctly and how to fix any problems and especially how to keep the up to par when it comes to maintenance. It’s a company that has experience on their side with lots of happy customers who know the value of their craftsmanship and professionalism. It’s your hard earned dollar that really counts here and you want a company that understands this and brings you an ROI that you can be proud of. Build America LLC is the go to hardwood floors everything.

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Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

This is part one a case study of a multi-tier renovation project. In this piece, we will focus on the external renovations for one of our projects. Everything from the siding to the balconies to features in the yard was incorporated into this remodel plan.

Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

The back of the house originally had some very old and gel-constructed Dick Easton patios and balconies which were not up to code and looked like somebody had pieced together in a dangerous and unstable manner. We were very wary about the existing structures and took the right precautions to remove them in a safe manner. Once they were completely torn out, they were rebuilt as brand new balconies. The floor of the new balconies is built with a fiberglass layer to prevent leaks, which was a big problem with old balconies.  On top of that, we installed gray composite decking and finished the job with an aluminum railing.


The patio was rebuilt with concrete walls. We also installed multi-tier stairs on both ends of the upper and lower decks. This was all finished with French pattern travertine. The new look is a lot cleaner and appealing than the previous one.

Another part of the remodeling project was that we installed new windows. The old windows were very small and did not allow for a lot of light to enter the house. To address this, we opened space for new windows as well. The new windows are much larger and longer allowing a lot of light to come inside the house.

Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

In the front of the house, we built a Portico to give the house some dimension and to create a distinct feel for the entry into the house. It adds a nice feel to the house and is much more welcoming to guests. It also gives a cleaner and more modern look.

The existing house had to side on top of old siding and leaks inside the house. We removed all of the previous sidings and installed stucco on the entire house. This has helped the exterior look less clunky. The leaks inside the house were also dealt with as part of our internal work which will be discussed later.

Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

The pool deck and the pool itself were completely redone as well.  We are also planning to remove the old pavers and install travertine and to remodel the inside of the pool with quartzite. It will be fully functional and very modern.

To add to the exterior utility, we also built walkways around the outdoor patio. A future plan to increase the external entertainment value is to install a fireplace and a cookout in the trees in the surrounding land.That should make for a special place with a unique feature.

Multi-tier Renovation Case Study Part 1: External Renovations

Six Distinct Flooring Styles Highly Recommended

Six Distinct Flooring Styles Highly Recommended

Just as the quality and gloss of a man’s footwear can add to his overall appearance, a home’s inner ambiance is greatly enhanced by its flooring. If the floors of a house appeal to you aesthetically the moment you step inside the premises, it signifies straightaway that the floor covering has been well-maintained. A home with sparkling floors will not only keep the owner and his or her family happy but also contribute considerably fetching a good price whenever the residence is put up for sale. In the following paragraphs, the floor types recommended by most interior designers and preferred by the majority of homeowners are elucidated below.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is hugely popular with a large section of homeowners and home builders largely because it is environmentally-friendly. Not only is a floor constructed out of a hardwood (there are so many varieties) attractive to look at but also lasts and holds on to its originality for years on end. The surface of a hardwood is highly wear-resistant and its lifecycle can be extended provided the same is refinished and re-polished on a periodic basis. Hardwood floors are usually chipped out of maple, oak, birch, pine, beech, hickory, teak, and walnut, and other wood varieties. Before you make up your mind on the type of hardwood to use, decide whether a hardwood floor would be appropriate for your abode.

  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring

If you live in an area that remains humid for the better part of the year and/or experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoons, then going for a floor made out of ceramic tiles would be appropriate. Ceramic tiles are highly water-resistant, and with some reinforcements can be made thoroughly waterproof. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can also be alternatively used for/in interior decoration as well as kitchen countertop construction. Opt for tiles that are without glossy finish when it comes to making floors on the porch or the pavement leading to the gateway as this kind of finish prevents water from standing. So as to make your floor anti-slip, you can choose from textured varieties. The fact that grout lines in between tiles accumulate dirt and grime over time requiring heavy effort to clean.

  1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is not only highly affordable but maintaining the same is also convenient. Owing to these two unique benefits, commercial spaces that experience heavy footfalls have floors made of laminate tiles. A laminate floor has an extremely hardy surface that is highly resistant to chipping, grazes, abrasions, and burns. The laminates that go into the construction of a floor are available in a wide variety of designs and colors and bear a resemblance to natural materials. Nevertheless, laminates are not without their drawbacks, the most glaring being that the same cannot be given a refinishing or recoating. Laminates are also ideal for installing in areas or premises with an inordinately high humidity or moisture level.

  1. Bamboo Flooring

Floors made of bamboo are trending of late mostly because the main ingredient (bamboo) is completely recyclable, unlike ceramic or marble tiles. A floor created out of bamboo planks or slats is definitely robust and the surface appears cleaner but is subjecting to getting murky or dark with the passage of time. Such a floor is also highly vulnerable to moisture and therefore should be kept dry.

  1. Marble Flooring

Marble tiled flooring is undoubtedly the most popular of all floor types owing to the versatility of the material. Marble tiles are not popular as a flooring material but also used for walls, columns, pillars, balustrades, and much more. The beauty of the material lies in the fact you can engrave near endless designs or textures on its surface. Additionally, the tiles are resistant to wear and tear and easily installable.   

  1. Cork Flooring

Flooring made from cork material are suitable for commercial spaces or play areas where one can stride or stand comfortably. But since cork is expensive, it follows that any flooring constructed out of cork will be costly as well.

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Making A Choice About Flooring For The Home

Making A Choice About Flooring For The Home

Whether you’re buying a new home, building a new home, or renovating one, you’ll have to make the decision on which flooring to use. From tile to laminates to carpeting and hardwood. Flooring is the foundation of your home’s activity and you’ve got to make the right choices regarding your lifestyle.

Hardwood floors are for residences that want to look good and build equity. A hardwood floor does indeed raise the value of a property but takes fine maintenance to keep in shape. Carpeting is cheaper but can be cumbersome but is best if you have pets and children running around. Pets and kids are messy and by spraying the carpet with certain products makes for easy clean up and maintenance. Hardwood means no high heels or furniture that doesn’t have those velvet protection pads. Damaging a hardwood floor can mean something as drastic as replacing the entire floor and that’s expensive.

You should think in both the long term and short term regarding flooring. You have to consider it an investment in your home. That what money you put into it you’ll reap 5 fold when you may sell the home later or take out a loan. You must have flooring that can take the wear and tear of daily life and the weather of the region you live in.
Before you do anything you should consult an expert in flooring. Have them stop by the residence and give it the once over. They’ll ask you questions as to residents if there are any kids, how old they are, any pets, and which kind and age. What activities you’ll be engaged in especially in a family or play room. You might want a combination of flooring such as hardwood in the living room and dining room but carpeting in play rooms, bedrooms and well traveled hallways.

Tile and laminates can be expensive but they’re easy to maintenance. Again, you’ll need these in kitchen areas, play rooms, and strategic areas. Bathrooms definitely. A well laid out tile flooring can really enhance a home’s beauty and equity. Sometimes a great deal can be had with these types of flooring because of limited runs. If you’re lucky to get that beautiful print and it’s discontinued, you’ll be the envy of your friends and family. As always, get a pro to look at what type of tile or laminate you’re looking for and listen to them regarding the procedure to install such flooring as it can be challenging.

When you’ve decided on the flooring you’ll use and where what will be installed, of course the issue of furniture and wall paint will come into play. With hardwood flooring simple colors are best. Nothing outlandish. You want the hardwood to stand out not get swamped by some garish paint color. Carpeting is different. Matching colors work, simple colors work, you really can’t goof up on carpeting. Tiles and laminates calls for matching those small colors seen in the design of the substance. That’s an easy one.

Overall, flooring is the foundation of the home’s activity. You’ve got to get the flooring that you can handle via lifestyle, ability to maintenance and equity in the value of your home.

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Remodeling Calls For Careful Flooring Choices

Remodeling Calls For Careful Flooring Choices
Installing new #laminate wood #flooring.

You can’t live in a home if it’s not got floors. Flooring is so essential that it cannot be understated. Choosing the right kind of flooring, however, is an essential part of your remodeling plans.

Flooring isn’t something that you casually consider. You must plan accordingly based on several factors to ensure you’ve made the kind of choice that will be for the long term and safety, as well as equitable value.

Since your home is usually your biggest investment, every part of it has to be of top notch construction. Doing things half baked only means spending more money on maintenance and repair. Cutting corners in this regard means misery and woe along the way. This goes triple time for flooring.

Hardwood, laminate, tile, are the three primary choices in flooring. You may be attracted to one, but is it the best choice overall. Things to consider is location. A hardwood floor isn’t something you would put in the family room or recreational area. Hardwood floors come in various densities and hardness ratings. They damage easily from scratches and dents and should flooding occur, you may have to replace the entire floor. Light sensitivity plays into this as well so the amount the floor would get via sunlight. Hardwood floors are a favorite due to their beauty and value. Your home’s value will increase with fine hardwood flooring so you need to think of the protection to the flooring in your remodeling plans.

Tile is excellent all over the house because of its durability and protection. The variety of ceramics is broad enough so that there’s bound to be a style that appeals to you. Kitchens and bathrooms are where you’ll find ceramic tiles placed best, but other rooms of the home can benefit as well. Some throw rugs will help protect the flooring and not take away too much from the beauty. Talk to your flooring installation specialist about the procedure regarding such flooring and make sure you get a full understanding of installation and maintenance. Ceramics are easy to clean but you have to use the right materials so as not to damage the tiles nor the bonding materials.

Laminates can also come in a variety of hardness. The benefits of laminates are awesome. They can be placed in any room of the house, even where heavy furniture is planned. Easy to clean and maintenance, but vulnerable to scratches and dents, just like hardwood flooring.

What activities will be conducted in each room is a major factor. As mentioned earlier, the playroom should have durable flooring as it will see rigorous activity and the occasional boo boo that calls for minor to major maintenance.

Rugs also work better on laminate but not to the extreme. You’re installing laminate as a structural issue with aesthetics last. So for those heavy traffic and activity areas, laminate is best. In addition, if you’ve pets around, ceramics and laminates are the best bet. Pets can do serious damage to hardwood.

So overall, you need to do some planning and educating yourself when remodeling your flooring so you’ll get the biggest and equitable benefit overall.

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