bathroom remodel with freestanding tub

How to Choose the Right Tub for Your Bathroom Remodel

For some homeowners a bathtub is a must have in any bathroom remodel. For others, it’s just something that most bathrooms have so they know it should be there. How do you choose the right tub for your newly remodeled space? Here are the steps to take to make sure the tub you choose is one you’ll love for as long as you live in your home.

1.      Combination Shower/Tub or Stand-Alone Tub

A lot of this comes down to the space you have for your bathroom remodel. If it’s a secondary bathroom, chances are that you’ll do a tub/shower combo. However, for master bathrooms, a separate tub is great when space allows. You have to decide what you want and what works in your budget.

2.      Jacuzzi/Whirlpool or Not

If you have a whirlpool tub and can’t remember the last time you used it, you probably don’t want to go through the expense of replacing it. However, if the idea of relaxing with soothing jets on your legs or back appeals to you, you should add this to your bathroom remodeling budget.

3.      Freestanding or Built-In

Again, sometimes your decision is based on the layout or space you have. Other times it can be a matter of personal preference. There are many styles and sizes today for freestanding bathtubs other than the old claw-foot ones of decades past. Keep in mind you’ll have to clean around (and sometimes under) a freestanding tub.

4.      Size

When we talk to someone who loves taking a bath, they often want a tub that they can fully soak in. That may mean utilizing more of your available square footage on a tub. If you choose a deeper soaking tub, have a plan to be able to easily get in and out.

5.      Construction

A large two-person jacuzzi tub full of water and two people can weigh close to a ton. You and your remodeler should discuss your home’s current construction. They may advise you to add some support to the floors if it’s not going on a slab.

6.      Cost

You don’t want your tub to consume too much of your budget. Your total budget for the toilet, sink and tub should be no more than 10% of your total budget.

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