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Ideas for Your Man Cave Design

The man cave is an ever-popular option for homes. Whether you’re planning a whole home remodel and want to include a man cave as part of it or are converting a garage or finishing the space above your garage, there are lots of great ways to make the room perfect for you. If you have many interests and don’t know what theme you want for yours, here are some ideas that may help get you started on your man cave design.

Sportsman’s Space

If you’re an avid fisherman or hunter, this might be the direction to go. Calming blue walls reflective of the sky or water, oversized leather chairs for relaxing and wall décor of your recent trophies. Consider a big screen or even a projector style television to watch all your favorite shows in your space.

Music & Memorabilia

Is music your thing? Whether you enjoy listening, playing or both, you might want to start with a sound proof room so you and the guys can jam away without disturbing the rest of the house. There are many places online to find real memorabilia of your favorite band or reproductions of posters and shirts perfect for framing.

The Fairway

Golf is a favorite of many in St. Petersburg and beyond. If you love all aspects of golf, your man cave design can have many golf themed items, not only visually but golf activities. If your whole home addition allows for a space with a high ceiling, consider dedicating enough space in your man cave to include a practice area. There are projection systems that allow you to “play” courses around the world. If you don’t have enough space to swing a driver, put in a putting green with some hills for practice.

Football, Baseball, Basketball & Hockey

When you can’t decide on your favorite sport or have many favorite teams, you might want to consider a wall of televisions so you can tune into several games or sports at once. From there, you can decorate the room to reflect your preferences. You’ll want to include lots of comfortable seating, a bar area and refrigerator so that when you entertain you and the guys don’t miss a thing.

Working & Relaxing

If your wife can’t get on board with a dedicated man cave but you need a space to work from hoIf you can’t me, why not combine the two. With a little creativity, your remodeler can help hide your workspace when it’s time to relax so you’re not staring at the work.

Whether you’re look to create a room with your perfect man cave design or need a whole home remodel and want it to include a space just for you, Build America LLC can help. We’re a home builder and remodeler and have experience in building out and finishing man caves in just about every theme imaginable. Call us today at (727) 776-9023 for your free consultation.

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