work triangle imporatance in kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Layouts

Kitchen remodeling comes with countless options. From style to color to lighting and flooring, no decision is more important than the layout. In the future, you can switch out the countertops or re-paint the cabinets without a significant investment, however, changing the layout means another remodel. Admittedly, the kitchen layout is partially influenced by the available space, you should spend time with your remodeling company discussing the best option for your space and needs combined.

Overall Design

As you and your remodeler talk about the overall design, you’ll discuss the various standard layouts. They include:

  • Single wall or pullman
  • Galley or corridor
  • Horseshoe or U-shaped
  • L-shaped or corner kitchen

Chances are that you currently have one of these layouts and are looking for a change (which may require removing a wall) or simply want better origination and workspaces while utilizing the same floor space. For example, if you have a single wall kitchen, but need more storage and work space, you may want to add an island. In an L-shaped kitchen, homeowners often add a peninsula or island. Some homeowners break up the U-shaped kitchen and make it L-shaped with a separate island. No matter the space you have to work with, your kitchen remodeling company can work with you to find solutions to your needs.

Work Triangle

One of the most important considerations is the work triangle. As you prepare a meal, you’ll likely be moving between the stove, refrigerator and sink. These three elements are the corners of the work triangle. If your current work triangle doesn’t work for you, talk to your kitchen remodeling company about why it’s not working and they’ll help you with a new layout.

Island Additions

One of the most common requests is the addition of an island. As you and your kitchen remodeling company talk about adding an island, be specific as to what you want to us it for. If you want it for eating and homework, they may recommend repurposing your current breakfast nook or kitchen table area into part of the kitchen. If you want it for an open work prep space, they may suggest a prep sink.

Communication about what you like about your current kitchen and what you’re looking to change will help you love your new kitchen. The remodeling team at Build America LLC will ask many questions to help make sure that your kitchen turns out just as you envisioned and that you love the results. Call us today to get started on your remodel – (727) 776-9023.

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